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Ziggy and the Noise
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This community is all about Ziggy and the Noise. If you didn't already know. There a hip band from this shithole town of Wallingford, and uh, yeah you like them. There music is...well, there own kind. If you ever go see them, you'll soon learn why its called Ziggy and the NOISE. There musical influences vary from bands such as The Beatles all the way to their personal favorite, Eschellon.

The band members include:

Sam Chaney - guitar/noise. fuzzitup AIM: fuzzywuzzy4594

Mike Fernandes - guitar. i_am_lennon80 AIM: riffraff5647

Tyler Koski - bass. bkshasha AIM: bkshasha kjd

Mike Monetti [Mitch] - drums. AIM: pilot your mind

Well there are no rules really. Uh, just post stuff mainly about the band.
Upcoming shows, photos, news, ideas, in-put, opinions, all that stuff.
And uh, if you are joining just to diss the guys in this band, don't bother
because chances are, they are a lot cooler than you.

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